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White Hall library's Ellis says farewell

White Hall library's Ellis says farewell

The White Hall library branch will be losing a longtime employee as Mary Ellis will retire on Jan. 10.

Ellis has been working for the White Hall library branch for more than 25 years.

“I first started in July of ‘89 as a part-time employee,” Ellis said. “I originally just wanted to work part-time to help out my husband and kids. When I saw the advertisement in The Pine Bluff Commercial, I decided to sign up. After a few months, my manger quit and the manger job kind of fell to me.”

After a few years, the job became less about making money and more about enjoying what she did every day.

“I love what I do,” Ellis said. “I have really enjoyed my time here. I always try to help everybody that walks through that door, and even if I can’t help them, I always give them my best shot with a good attitude.”

Ellis said what she will miss the most will be working with children.

“I am going miss the kids the most,” Ellen said. “It’s great just being able to watch the kids grow. I have seen some of the kids I used to read to get married and now have kids of their own that they bring down to the library. It’s always rewarding to see something like that. I like to think I might have had a small impact in their lives.”

Ellis plans to move to Hot Springs with her husband once she retires and plans spend more time with her grandson.

White Hall library branch worker Ellen Bauer will take over the position vacated by Ellis this January. One thing that is clear to everyone is that Ellis will be missed in the White Hall community.

“I have worked with her for over 10 years,” Bauer said. “She has been a great boss, and I am going to miss everything about her.”

“What I am going to miss about her is the great stories she tells about her grandson,” White Hall library worker Quintez Lee said.